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MPOINT COMMUNICATION LTD., registered in British Colombia, Canada, is a trade company engaging in the importation, wholesale and retail distribution of fashion Cell Phone accessories, iPod accessories and premium electronics gift items.

We have a solid base of production and exportation in Hong Kong, ShangHai and Shenzhen.  Our affiliated factories are all located in the Special Economic Zones that benefit from special economic regulations and privileges in China.

To stay competitive, we regularly update our current products and constantly develop hot new products by keeping ourselves well informed about the market trend.  We are proud to maintain such a comparative advantage that enables us to excel in producing and importing high quality products at the lowest price possible.

We also strive to excel in customer services.  We value our distributors/group buyers; and do the best we can to serve them well.  We believe that honesty and integrity is the most important policy in a business relationship and we never let our customers down.

To those we have served, we say thank-you.  We appreciate your business and you can relay on our continuing good service.  We would also like to welcome new and prospective partners on board. It is our mission and pleasure to assist our customers in building and expanding their prosperity by making people happy.

Home & News | Fashion | Earpieces | Data Cable  | Tools |
| Phone Case | Charger | Holster | iPod & iPhone Accessories | Bluetooth | Other Consumer Electronic Products |

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