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iPad USB Charger Adaptor

Product Name:

iPad USB Charger Adaptor


Features and Specifications

Color: Black
Allows you to charge your iPad with any computer or USB hub and not just Apple computers. 
Connect this plug adapter between your iPad,USB Sync cable and any USB power source to charge your iPad .

 Pair your iPad with the USBiSync,  Car Charger, or house Charger(High Current Output), and you can conveniently charge your iPad wherever you go! 

Due to the demand for high resolution LCD to offer HD quality picture, video through the cellular phone, game etc.., the input voltage need higher than traditional devices, like iPad need 2.0 A,  iPhone 4, Motorola Droid x and HTC EVO 4G need 1.2 A input, the traditional 500mA or 700 mAh charger can't support for these devices, eVogue iPAD USB Aadpter will increase the Voltage of that kind charger and make them can charge iPad or similar devices.

Freedom to charge your iPad with any charger is what it's all about! our iPad Charging Adapter is the only adapter available that allows charging through any USB port. You no longer have to be held back by Apple's restriction of not being able to charge your iPad on a standard USB port, unless it being a Mac of course. The iPad Charging Adapter breaks you free from this limitation, and allows you to charge in any way you wish! It also provides 100% backwards compatibility with our USB charger. Now with the iPad Charging Adapter, your options for iPad chargers have expanded wide open. Feel free to charge your iPad any way you like. PAC's you can now join the party.

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