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Battery Case & Power Bank Promotion
Nov. 15 to Nov. 30



4200 mAH Battery Case for Samsung Note 2,

Colors: Black, White

SKU: BA-C-SAMNote2-4200


BA-C-SAMS4-3200 BA-C-SAMS3-3200-BK

3200 mAH Battery Case for Samsung S4, Samsung S3

Colors: Black, White

SKU: BA-C-SAMS4-3200 BA-C-SAMS3-3200



3000 mAh Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S

Colors: Black, White

SKU: BA-C-IP5S-3000


BA-C-IP4S-1900-BK BA-C-IP4S-1900-WT

1900 mAH Battery Case For iPhone 4/4S

Colors: Black, Silver

SKU: BA-C-IP4S-1900-BK BA-C-IP4S-1900-WT



2200 mAh Lip Power Bank                    Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple 

SKU: BA-PC-Y2200


     PC-Y5600-BK PC-Y5600-WT

eVogue 5600 mAh Power Bank for iPhone & Smart phone                           Color: Black, White

SKU: BA-PC-Y5600-BK, BA-PC-Y5600-WT



eVogue 7800 mAh Dual USB Power Bank for iPhone, Smart Phone and iPad, Tab



PC-20000-BK PC-20000-WT  

20000 mAh  Dual USB Power Power Bank        Color: Black, White

SKU: BA-P-20000-BK, BA-P-20000-WT


*Limited Time Only: From Nov. 16, 2013 to Nov. 30, 2013.

*Minimum Quantity Order: 10 pieces mixed colors/models

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