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Two Inside Pocket for memory card

100% Cowhide



  1. LCD will not display in wrong way for the reason of magnetism interference.
  2. Avoid turn off power when ever

slide the phone in or out of case.

  1. Avoid the  battery power drag

by the magnet to make battery last longer.


As the development of mobile phone industry, many latest mobile phones are highly sensitive to magnetism such as N95, N96 or iPhone etc.

To look for a case which both can protect the phone well and has no interference to the phone becomes a very urgent demand for all of mobile phones user.


The Zero magnet, which we develop, is a special magnet that is with magnetism in one side only, not two sides as the traditional magnet is. And the case with zero magnet which we called zero-magnetism case, has absolutely no magnetism inside the case hence it has no intereference to the mobile phone at all. Meanwhile, when we make zero-magnetism case, we carefully choose

Most popular models with 8 size and use high quality leather material. The case is elaborately designed and made by us that assures nice fitting, good looking and long durability.


So, our zero-magnetism case can meet the people¡¯s expectation and protect their phone in the real meaning.   


Available size: XS, L7, V3, K1/K1M, M-Wide, HP6315, Blackberry 8700,  Motorola Q