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USB Charger Cable

Product Name:

USB Charger Cable

Item No: USBCB-V9

Features and Specifications


Color: Black
Package: Blister
Length: 3 Ft

* for charger only, no data transfer
* with a cable pack clip, easy for use and collect


Cellular Phone:


HTC: Nexus One (Google)

KYOCERA: E1100 (Neo), E2000, M1400 (Laylo), M2000 (X-TC), S1300 (Melo), S1310 (Domino), S4000 (Mako)

LG: AX155, AX310, AX500 (Swift), AX585 (Rhythm), AX830, AX840 (Tritan), CF360, CT810 (Incite), ENV2 (VX9100), GD710 (Shine II), GR500 (Xenon), GT950 (Arena), GW820 (eXpo), LW310 (Helix), LX265 (Rumor2), LX290, LX370, LX400, LX600 (Lotus), LX610 (Lotus Elite), MT375 (Lyric), UX220, UX265 (Banter), UX280 (Wine), UX310, UX700 (Bliss), VX11000 (enV Touch), VX5500, VX5600 (Accolade), VX7100 (Glance), VX8360, VX8575 (Chocolate Touch), VX8610, VX9200 (enV3), VX9600 (Versa)


MOTOROLA: A455 (Rival), A555 (Devour), A855 (Droid), Crush, E8, I410, i465 (Clutch), i576, i680 (Brute), i776, i856 (Debut), i9, MB200 (CLIQ), MB300 (Backflip), Q9h, QA1 (Karma), QA30 (Hint), QA4 (Evoke), V750, V8, V860 (Barrage), V9, V950, V9m, V9x, VE20, VE440, VU30, W766 (Entice), W845 (Quantico), Z6C, Z9, ZN4, ZN5 (zine)

NOKIA: 1006, 1606, 2605, 2705 (Shade), 3606, 6205, 6350, 6750, 7205, 7705 (TWIST)

PALM: Pixi, Pixi Plus, Treo Pro, TREO800w

RIM BlackBerry: 8220, 8230 (Pearl Flip), 8520, 8530, 8900, 9500, 9530 (Storm), 9550 (Storm 2), 9630 (Tour), 9700

SAMSUNG: A797 (Flight), A897 (Mythic), i220 (Code), i350 (Intrepid), i920 (Omnia II), M220, M240, M320, M330, M540 (Rant), M550 (Exclaim), M560 (Reclaim), M630 (Highnote), M850 (Instinct HD), M900 (Moment), R100 (Stunt), R350 (Freeform), R351 (Freeform), R460 (MyShot II), R560 (Messager II), R850 (Caliber), T939 (Behold II)

SANYO: 2700, 3810, 6750 (Katana Eclipse), 6760 (Incognito), Katana LX, PRO200, PRO700, S1

Bluetooth Devices:

Motorola: H15, H560, H620, H680, H681, H690, H710, H721, H780, H800, PURE H12

Plantronic: Discovery 925, Explorer 220, Explorer 230, Explorer 360, Explorer 370 Ruggedized, Voyager 815, Voyager 855

Jabra: BT2070, BT4010, BT8040, JX20


iRiver: Clix GEN2

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