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USB Charger Cable

Product Name:

USB Charger Cable

Item No: USBCB-SAMM300

Features and Specifications


Color: Black
Package: Blister
Length: 3 Ft

* for charger only, no data transfer
* with a cable pack clip, easy for use and collect


SAMSUNG: A117, A127, A137, A167, A177, A237, A257 (MAGNET), A517, A637, A737, A747, A767, A777, A827, A837, A867 (Eternity), A877 (Impression), A887 (Solstice), i325, i617, i627 (Propel pro), i637 (Jack), i770 (Saga), i907 (Epix), i910 (Omnia), M300, M310, M510, M520, M800 (Instinct), M810/S30 (Instinct), R200, R211, R300, R310 (Byline), R311 (Axle), R400, R410, R420 (Tint), R430 (MyShot), R450 (Messager), R500, R520 (Trill), R550 (Jetset), R600 (HueII), R610, R800 (Delve), R810 (Finesse), T109, T119, T139, T229, T239, T339, T349, T409, T429, T439, T459 (Gravity), T469 (Gravity 2), T539, T559 (Comeback), T659, T729, T739, T749 (Highlight), T819, T919 (Behold), T929 (Memoir), U310 (Knack), U350, U430, U440 (Gloss), U450 (Intensity), U470, U490 (Trance), U640 (Convoy), U650 (Sway), U700, U750 (ALIAS2), U810 (Renown), U900, U940, U960 (Rogue), Z400

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