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Cell Phone Basic Travel Charger Motorola V3

Product Name:

Cell Phone Basic Travel Charger

Item No: CTC-MOTV3

Features and Specifications


The travel charger is lightweight and easy to carry while traveling. Simply plug one end into the wall. Our try-me package is also available for purchase.

  • Conveniently charge your phone battery using any standard wall outlet

  • With Polybag Package, or Retail Colourful Box Package

  • Input voltage 110/220 with auto sensing

  • Overcharging prevention I/C



Q9c/ W755/ I335/ IC602/ Z6M/ Z6TV/ I425/ W510/ Q9M/ W370/ V3a/ W385/ ic902/ Maxx Ve/ V3xx/ Z3/ L7c/ ic502/ V323/ V361/ V365/ K1M/ W315/ K1/ V195/ V3M/ V235/ Q/ L2/ L6/ L7/ V190/ V3i/ V3t/ U6/ V3c/ V325/ V3/ V360/

Blackberry 8330/ 8110/ 8120/ 8130/ 8310/ 8820/ 8830/ 8300/ 83308800/ 7100i/ 8100/ 8703e
Sidekick  Sidekick LX/Sidekick Slide/Sidekick2008
HTC Dash/Wing/6700/6800/852

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