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Cell Phone Grabit Travel Charger V9

Product Name:

Cell Phone Grabit Travel Charger

Item No: CTC-G-V9

Features and Specifications


Universal Micro USB Charger
Fast Charging 
Rubberized body Texture 
Smart high-quality IC Chip (MC34063A, made by Motorola) 
Quality design for maximum durability
Rapid Charger with smart PC
Green L.E.D.
Retail Ready Blister Try Me Package
Extra Cable Length
3.5mm Wire
Bilingual introduction: English/Spanish

Full Charger in 15 minutes

Our Grabit travel chargers come in the wonderful Grabit show me tip packaging, is light weight, has a rubberized housing simple and easy to use. It is a must have for all. Simply plug one end into the wall, the other end into the phone and it will recharge and condition your battery.


BLACKBERRY: 8220, 8230 (Pearl Flip), 8900, 9500, 9530 (Storm), 9630 (Tour),
KYOCERA: E1100, E2000, M2000(X-TC), S1300(Melo), S4000,
LG: AX155, AX500(Swift), AX585(Rhythm), AX830, AX840(Tritan), CF360, CT810(Incite), ENV2(VX9100), GR500(Xenon), LX265(Rumor2), LX370, LX400, LX600(Lotus), UX265, UX280(Wine), VX11000(enV Touch), VX5500, VX7100(Glance), VX8360, VX8610, VX9200(enV3), VX9600(Versa),
MOTOROLA: A455(Rival), E8, i465(Clutch), i576, i776, i9, Q9h, QA1(Karma), QA30, QA4, V750, V8, V9, V950, V9m, V9x, VE20, VU30, Z6C, Z9, ZN4, ZN5(zine),
NOKIA: 1006, 1606, 2605, 3606, 6205, 7205,
PALM: Treo Pro, TREO800w,
SAMSUNG: M220, M320, M540(Rant), M550(Exclaim), M630(Highnote), R460(MyShot II), R470(TWOSTEP),
SANYO: 2700, 6750(Katana Eclipse), Katana LX, PRO200, PRO700, S1

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