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Cell Phone Basic Car Charger Samsung X426

Product Name:

Cell Phone Basic Car Charger

Item No: CCC-SAMX426

Features and Specifications


Talk on the phone with this Mobile Phone Charger while charging the battery as you drive. Our try-me package is also available for purchase.

  • With Polybag Package, or Retail Colorful Box Package

  • Easy to use

  • Just plug in the connector into your device and plug the power extension into your car socket.

  • LED Power indicator light

  • Overcharging prevention I/C



T719/ T619/ C417/ A420/ D407/ T209/ T309/ T319/ T609/ A920/ A960/ D357/ A900/ A960/ M500/ D307/ X427/ X426/ X507/ E105/ E715/ S300/ S200/ R225/ C225/ N625/ A200/ A300/ A400/ A310/ V205/ A530/ X105/ P107/ A650/ A670/ A690/ D410/ D415/ E315/ E316/ E317/ A890/ C207/ X475/ N330/ P207/ A790/ A795/ E600/ A570/ E335/ X495/ X497/ E635

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