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Bluetooth iFoneCuff

Product Name:

Bluetooth iFoneCuff

Item No: BT-iFoneCuff
Colors: Silver

Features and Specifications


Audible & Visual Alert
Design to on guard 24 X 7
Keep Mobile Phone on Wireless Leash

Bluetooth Chip: CSR BCR04 

An anti-stolen device specifically created for iPhone of all models. Based on the Bluetooth wireless platform, the iFoneCuff incorporates a proprietary "Vicinity Algorithm" that constantly interrogates the proximity of the iPhone being protected, i.e., tracking the iPhone by measuring the distance between the two devices and how fast the distance is increasing.

 A buzzer will sound in addition to the 8 flashing LED lights (blue & red) that would indicate any potential stolen scenario.

As an added benefit, the iFoneCuff will notify by sounding the buzzer when a phone call is received, no more missed calls!

Designed as part of a key chain,  iFoneCuff can be easily carried for around the clock protection!

An USB charging cable and a keychain hanger is included in the standard package.

A great product for bundling sales with phones, or as a separate premium gift item in promotions, or as a SKU by itself.

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