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Bluetooth Earpiece BAC-100F

Product Name:

Bluetooth Car Kit

Item No: BAC-100F
Colors: Black

Features and Specifications

Color: Black

Full Featured Bluetooth Rear mirror Hands Free car Kit                                         Click for more
with FM Transmitte Function

*5 min Recording
 *Removable RF Earpieces
*Shift call, music through car speaker via FM radio   frquency
*Real name LED call ID display


Full-Featured Bluetooth Handfree Car Kit with Independent Bluetooth Earpiece

  Super bright LCD Caller NAME display - the new generation for Bluetooth mirror

  Read your phone book without cell phone - store 50 ~ 100 Caller Names and ID

  Amazing recording function - 5 minutes length to give you enough massage record

  Independent FM earpiece for private call

  Full duplex, DSP technology for noise and echo cancellation

  Super sound quality - speaker out power vantage Max. 2W

  Universal type - compatible with all GSM / CDMA / TDMA / PDC cell phones

  Fast install - no need to remove the original rearview mirror

  Safety glass and Anti-Glace flat mirror


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